#marchminimadness – products 1-14

#1. Organix Coconut Water weightless hydration Shampoo & Conditioner (7.4ml each foil packets) one star

These products smelled great – tropical coconut which was a huge plus. But otherwise I didn’t like them at all – they weighed down my hair and despite using the full packet of each my hair didn’t feel weightless nor hydrated.

2. Lancôme Dual Finish multi-tasking powder & foundation in one (0.001 oz)  four stars

I discovered this more than 10 years ago during a makeover at the Bay counter. This sample was in shade 210(N) Clair. I have owned many full size compacts in shade Matte Buff II and it was my holy grail foundation through my late thirties into mid-forties. I love that it is dual purpose; can be applied dry as a powder foundation for light sheer coverage or with the sponge (wet) for full coverage making it perfect for all four Canadian seasons. This was also my daughter’s go to choice in her 20’s; she would stock up at duty free when travelling.

3. Anna Naturals Glowing Mama walnut face & body scrub three stars

I loved the sweet tropical scent  and that this is natural with no micro  beads. I used it on my arms and legs (did not try it on my face) as there was only enough in the container for a one time use so I wanted to target dry, rough areas. It was a nice exfoliator.

4. Happy Hippo Epsom Salts pink grapefruit scented (3.25 oz) two stars

While the Epsom salts made for a relaxing bath, I found the grapefruit scent very chemical and not natural or pleasant, and it disappeared as soon as the salt hit the water. An OK product but for the price I would stick with regular Epsom salts and fragrance oils.

5. Beauty Protector Protect and Treat treatment mask (0.5oz)

I did love the cotton candy scent but just didn’t love the results from the product. I know some bloggers love this product,, but for my curly dry hair it didn’t work. It weighed my hair down, even after a good rinse, and did not leave my hair feeling nourished or treated. Just not for me.

6. Eslor Replenishing Scrub (5ml) two stars

I enjoyed the fresh spa scent, and the cream part of the scrub felt rich and moisturizing but the scrub pieces were large and very few and far between in this sample; not enough for me to judge if it would be worth buying a full size so  it is just a “meh” for me

7. Skiin soothing and smoothing Eye Cream (3ml) three stars

The product is indeed very soothing and smoothing so it lives up to its claim. No scent at all which I like in an eye cream (less chance of irritation near the eyes). It absorbed quickly and left my under eye area feeling smoother and hydrated.  If I didn’t have other eye creams in my collection to use up I would consider buying a full size if it comes in a different container style than the sample. This container was very difficult to use and I had to cut it open at both ends and depot to use it more easily.

8. Pink Chiffon Whipped Body Butter three stars

I got this in a subscription box about a year ago. It is from an etsy shop but unfortunately I can’t remember where it came from and the container doesn’t identify. I LOVED the cotton candy scent, and it was light yet moisturizing.

9. Tocca Cleopatra Hand Cream, Grapefruit/Cucumber ( 30ml) three stars

The mix of scents, grapefruit and cucumber, is very fresh and crisp; soft, not overpowering. The cream is light, good hydration, but not intense enough for a winter; it would be a nice light summer every day use hand cream, or for travel. It wasn’t  moisturizing enough for me to use in a cold Western Canadian winter though – I am quite OCD about  hand cream so it sets the bar high.

10. Jack Black double duty Face Moisturizer (2ml) one star

This was ok but just not for me; I didn’t like the scent at all. I used it as a neck cream to keep it away from my face and it worked fine. Just not my cup of tea.

11. Make Up Forever HD primer (1.5ml) three stars

This claims to be long lasting and moisturizing and it does the job. I liked it as a primer. The negative for me again was scent… I know that appears to be a deal breaker for me; something I wasn’t aware of until writing this blog! To me it smelled like bug spray. It did go on nicely though, lightly creamy and leaves a silky finish without an oily or silicone feel. Just can’t get past the scent and it lingers.

12. Cover FX anti-aging primer (5 ml) three stars

OK… so no scent on this which was good 🙂  It was a good primer; semi-thick consistency with a silicone feel. It was a good makeup base, but I didn’t see or notice any anti-aging properties or changes in using it.

13. Dr Brandt Pores No More primer (7.5ml) five stars

For me this is a holy grail item. I don’t use it as an allover face primer though. It does have a tea-tree scent so I avoid eye and drier areas of my face. I use it as a spot treatment on areas where I have large pores (chin, forehead, nose area) and pat it into my skin, then cover with an overall face primer. It fills in and smoothens out the large pores and uneven skin areas perfectly for makeup application. It can be a little tricky to use in the tube as the oils will separate from the cream if not used regularly, and leaves the dried out portion at bottom of tube so I tend to de-pot it halfway through to a small container and apply with a small brush.

14. Lash ‘Em Picture Perfect instant wrinkle reducer three stars

This was a very thick cream, no scent and did a good job of filling in fine lines and smoothing out the under eye area. It dried relatively quickly. I would repurchase if I could easily find it – my preferred HG for this purpose (Philosophy Believe is no longer available).


One thought on “#marchminimadness – products 1-14

  1. Love that you have shared you experiential knowledge! As a woman in her late 30’s with limited patience and not a makeup savant, I found this helpful. A mature point of view was lacking in this space. I have tried new things with your guidance and found some real winners! Blog on!


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