March minimadness #15-25

Using up my sample stash – one mini at a time!

#15 & #16 – MaskerAide Hydrating Facial Sheet Masks (23g) five stars


I discovered the MaskerAide masks two years ago in a Topbox subscription. They were the first sheet masks I tried, at maskeraide1the beginning of the trend. I have tried many since, and these remain my faithful holy grail masks. They are eco-friendly, natural (no parabens, sulfate/mineral oil/benzophenone free, and 100% biodegradable.) and infused with Argan Oil and each variety is targeted to a specific skincare need. The Beauty Restore regenerates and repairs, while the Weather Warrior calms, soothes and heals. There is so much extra serum in the packet I add more to the mask, neck and décolleté area. I love the results I get with these masks and  I ALWAYS have a stash of these on hand and buy in multiples! Highly highly recommended!

#17 – Dove Ultimate sensitive care fragrance free anti-perspirant deodorant (14g) one star


I just didn’t like this at all and couldn’t even finish it. It dried out and crumbled only halfway through. Though it is supposed to be fragrance free, it was lightly scented like a laundry detergent. A dud for me



#18 – Barefoot Venus hand cream Lemon Freckle (60ml) three stars

IMG_2777This is a Canadian made product, natural (no parabens, mineral oil or propylene glycol) containing Shea Butter, Olive Fruit and Rice Bran Oils, and plant & fruit extracts. It was a light hand cream with an unexpected lemon scent not lemonade or a citrusy sour lemon but more reminiscent of a fresh lemon bakery dessert.



#19 – Body Drench daily moisturizing lotion Sun Splashed Mango (59ml) three starsIMG_2806

Mango isn’t my favorite fruity scent so it was just an OK lotion for me. I used it on my legs and to be honest I have VERY dry skin in the winter – like Sahara dessert, alligator skin. I know!! This felt nice going on, absorbed quickly enough without feeling oily or heavy, but it didn’t leave me feeling hydrated or drenched unfortunately.

#20 – B.Kamins bio-maple Maple Body Lotion (12ml) four stars


This product truly surprised me. I put off using it for awhile – I mean it is TINY for a body lotion sample. And maple is a scent that I don’t like much, find it very sweet. The product went a long way though, and it didn’t smell like maple AT ALL 🙂  The scent was actually crisp and fresh, like clean air and fresh linen. It felt light and absorbed quickly, but was so very moisturizing. My legs felt like silk after application before bed, and still in the morning! It is made in Canada, and contains honey, soy and shea butter. I would purchase a full size of this for winter!!

#21 – Olay Total Effects body moisturizing treatment (15ml) two starsIMG_2781

This was my least favorite body lotion in the sample testing. Though the tube shows 15ml and is larger than the previous item (B. Kamins at 12ml)  it didn’t go nearly as far. It didn’t appear to be full, had a strong perfumed scent and did not leave my legs feeling hydrated at all after application.


#22 – L’Occitane en Provence Immortelle Precious Night Cream (15ml) three stars

IMG_2778I liked this as a night cream – very thick, moisturizing and my skin felt hydrated and baby soft the next morning. I just wasn’t a fan of the scent and it didn’t deliver any wrinkle reduction or filling



#23 – Fresh Lotus youth preserve face cream three stars

IMG_2816I found this to be light so I used it as a day cream; it would be better suited for me for a summer moisturizer because of the lightness. It absorbed quickly, felt nice on the skin, and the cucumber fresh scent was OK; again it would have been a better summer choice for me. It is packaged in a glass jar but I couldn’t find the size/quantity of product. It didn’t amaze me.


#24 – Mint & Daisy Coconut & Honey lip butter four stars

IMG_2808I bought this at the Calgary Market Collective a couple of months ago from Mint & Daisy, local handmade body & bathcare products. I loved it – the scent/flavor was more prominently cocoa butter than coconut but I like cocoa butter so didn’t mind not having a sweetly flavored lip balm. I am OCD about applying lipbalm every single night. This balm felt moisturizing and I awoke with soft lips 🙂  I will repurchase at the next market, or if I make it up NE way from the Greater Goods store. I want to check out her bath and body product line too.

#25 – Kleenex travel pack – Betsey JOhnson design (10 per pack) five stars

IMG_2800I am not fussy about the packaging, but these are my go to year round. I keep them in my purse for daily use and love them for travel. I also purchase in bulk because I use them in my office.

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