March Minimadness #26-34

marchminimadnessUsing up my sample stash – one product at a time!





#26 – Glamglow Thirstymud hydrating treatment (foil sample) three stars

IMG_2787I was pleasantly surprised by the lovely coconut scent and the gel consistency of this mask – not “mud” or algae scented. There was a lot in this little foil sample – about 4 applications! As a result I really enjoyed it and of the Glamglow line this is the one I like best. Though I didn’t notice any amazing results that would elevate it above any of the other masks I have in my collection, because of the scent and the application ease I would repurchase and use it while on vacation to hydrate after sun exposure.

#27 – Dr Brandt Pores No More primer ( 7.5ml) five stars

IMG_2775I have reviewed this before (check out March madness 1-15 for more details) but it is my Holy Grail pore refiner.  I find the tea-tree in this product would be drying if used all over, so I use it only on the t-zone where my skin is oilier and pores enlarge. AS it is quite pricy this works out well! I had several samples to use up and I have two full size tubes in my collection.

#28- Lancôme Visionnaire advanced skin corrector (7ml) one star

IMG_2809I really wanted to like this – but I don’t. The scent is OK – a little perfumey but not overpowering., and the consistency of the serum is good, silky and light. Its flaw in my opinion is it doesn’t live up to its promises at all despite its high price tag. I didn’t notice any improvement in size of pores or evening out skin tone. And upon confirming ingredient list, it has alcohol as  a main ingredient which I don’t feel has ANY skincare benefits. Would not purchase; so many other spectacular natural based products give great results.

#29 – Shu Uemura Phytoblack lift radiance boosting lotion (20ml) two stars

IMG_2785This was an OK toner lotion, but again contains alcohol which is a huge negative despite the other ingredients. I found it to be a bit tacky until it dried down, though it didn’t appear to give any spectacular results it also didn’t irritate my skin. I used it as an after cleansing toner. This is a very very pricey item so I wouldn’t repurchase as there are other toners I prefer.

#30 – Shu Uemura Phytoblack Youth Degree Remodelling anti-wrinkle concentrate (10ml) three stars

IMG_2784I did really enjoy this serum and enjoyed that it had an eyedropper for easy use. I used it mainly on targeted areas – it is a very pricey product – around my eyes, my mouth and forehead to target fine lines and wrinkles. It is over $100 for 30ml though so I will have to pass on repurchasing and stick with something more in line with my budget.


#31 – Nicole Made This Rose Water mist one star

IMG_2783This was fine as a refreshing water based mist for morning/night skincare routine but I just don’t enjoy a strong rose scented product – roses remind me of funerals unfortunately so I just couldn’t get over it.


#32 – H20+ Aqualibrium Marine Cleansing Gel (8ml)three stars


I enjoyed this cleanser; though only 8ml, as a gel it foamed up nicely and lasted a long time! I used it with my Konjac sponge and it did a good job removing makeup and had a nice fresh algae type scent. I have other must-have cleansing oils and gels though and wouldn’t rush out to purchase this.


#33 &#34 – Aveeno Invati shampoo & conditioner for thinning hair (10ml each) one star


I liked the relaxing spa-like scent of these products – and that is unfortunately the only positive that elevated this from 0 stars to 1.  TBH both samples were tiny, so quite small to really make a solid decision on whether they live up to their claims to reduce hair breakage and hair loss. I have fine, curly hair and both the shampoo and conditioner seemed to make my hair feel dry, less hydrated than usual – and left a residue behind that made my hair frizzy and a tangled mess.

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