Lise Watier Hydraforce Review

My #getinthebubble experience and honest review


I received the Lise Watier Hydraforce Hydra Protective Comforting Cream complimentary from Glamsense (Topbox) to try out while using a downloadable App called Hydra-detect. The app plugs into your iphone with ability to measure moisture levels in your hand, as well as the t-zone and cheek areas of your face.

I have been using the product for a little over two weeks, testing my skin moisture levels before and after application of the cream.  I also checked out the Get In the Bubble event at Sunridge Mall in Calgary. Below is a shot of my view from a Bubble – the world was blue 🙂


First impression – I was skeptical that the tool (app) was going to really be able to detect a difference in my skin moisture levels… but evidence proved me wrong!  Below are the benchmark skin moisture levels that I measured to.


I first tested the application on my hand. The picture on the left shows a result of 38.1% moisture level; however, after applying the Hydraforce Cream, my second test showed a moisture level jump to 59.5%!!

Below are results for my T-zone (which typically is not dry). Before the Hydraforce it was 47.1%. After it was 63.7%

Below are results from tests on my cheek. Left: before the cream at 45.6% moisture level, and right, after at 62.8%

All stats aside… what did I really think of this product?

Consistency: It is very thick and rich (see below). Upon application it feels very cooling on the skin.

Scent: It was a huge plus for me that it isn’t  floral or perfume scent. It has a fresh clean scent – like fresh linen or spring rain.


I initially believed I would not like this as a daytime moisturizer. My morning regimen has so many steps (toner, essence, serum, moisturizer, primer, concealer, foundation or tinted moisturizer/BB cream) that  didn’t feel this would fit for me. Because I am often in a rush to get out the door, I don’t have time to “wait” while my product layers absorb into my skin so I tend to choose a very light day moisturizer; a lotion or a gel. This cream feels thick and luxurious, cooling and rich, and as I suspected doesn’t dry down quickly or disappear completely.

I do admit though...  I was wrong… . Though after application, it does dry down to a bit of a tacky feeling to the touch, this cream works surprisingly well with primer/makeup application and doesn’t feel overly moisturized or slow down my routine. My skin also continued to feel hydrated throughout the day; with exposure to cold weather on the walk to work (Calgary AB is surprisingly very very dry), and locked into the dry heat of an office all day, my skin usually feels dehydrated by mid afternoon. Using Hydraforce cream in the morning however left my skin feeling soft and supple, with no makeup displacement, through the whole day.

The huge win for me though is in applying this as a night cream. That’s where I really want a rich and extremely hydrating cream –  to lock moisture in my skin overnight during sleep, so I awaken with skin that is ready for the day ahead. I apply as my last step, over my other skin care products (essences and serums),  and my skin feels soft and supple the next morning, with all of the fine lines plumped out 🙂 I can honestly say, when I hit the bottom of this test container, I will be purchasing a new one!

Final verdict – The Hydraforce comforting cream has become my new Holy Grail night moisturizer, rivaling my tried-and-true sleeping mask products I have been using. This is also a surprisingly good daytime moisturizer for winter (though I expect it will feel too rich for me during the summer for daily daytime use where I will relegate it to weekend no-makeup pampering my skin days!).

I recommend this to anyone who is fighting dry skin and needs a serious moisture boost; to anyone with aging skin who needs to plump up and smooth out fine lines; or to anyone tired of the perfume or fruit scented creams, looking for that spring or laundry clean scented product.

I give it 5 stars and two thumbs up!

five stars


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