Jule’s Wellness March 2016 Unboxing


Jule’s Wellness is a monthly subscription box out of Toronto, Canada, featuring a mix of healthy living and wellness female-focused lifestyle products (Gluten Free, Vegan and Organic items) for $34.32(+tax)/month (including free shipping within Canada).

If you love the products in your monthly box, you can order them from Jules’ online boutique. They also now offer a Cold & Flu Kit as well as Mom & Baby Boxes for new moms (through monthly subscription, or do what I did and send as a Gift to a new Mom ).

The March Box is of course fantastic and contained 9 items! The product card listed 8 items, so one was a special surprise!!

I love the snappy happy spring purple paper, and the box is chock full of great products! The theme of this month’s box is Travel Essentials; whether you are a jet-setter headed south, oversees, or to a ski hill to take in the tail-end of winter on the slopes, this box delivers the basic products and health snacks to make it a great trip. (or save them up for summer travel time!).


Consonant Facial Sunscreen SPF 30 (15ml). Value $16

This product is a natural sunscreen offering both UVA and UVB protection, and applies smoothly and cleanly without the cakey white residue left behind by other mineral sunscreen products. Containing aloe, grape seed and rice bran oil, this promises to be ultra hydrating while evening out skin tone  (with a matte finish) due to inclusion of micro-fine natural mica tint! The size makes it Transport Canada friendly so you can slip it into your plastic liquids bag in your carryon, making it accessible for you as you deplane in a hot sunny climate. It also fits easily in your ski jacket pocket for ski hill sun protection!

While I haven’t tried this yet to review it, I am very much looking forward to doing so on my next vacation. I am unable to wear regular sunscreen on or near my face – my eyes start burning and running, and my allergies kick in full tilt – I love that this has no chemicals and contains only micronized titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, with no perfumes or essential oils to cause sun reactions.  Watch for a future review of this to see if it makes it in my Top Travel items list!!


Dr. Bronner’s Organic Fair Trade Hand Sanitizer in lavender scent (59ml)  Value $7.29 

Who hasn’t suffered germ paranoia while travelling by plan or train?! This hand sanitizer has a calming lavender scent, and though the main ingredient is ethyl alcohol, to quickly kill bacteria, it is Certified Organic and Fair Trade and balanced with natural glycerin to leave your hands feeling smooth and soft rather than sticky or dry. I will definitely have this in my bag for my next trip and not only use it on my hands, but spritz it on a tissue to wipe down those nasty, germ covered surfaces (arm rests, fold down table tray, head rest) that are ewwww!!

Tolan Skincare Travel Shampoo & Conditioner (35ml each) Value $3/ea

The shampoo and conditioner are both sulfate free; safe for color treated hair. The shampoo is infused with therapeutic grade essential oils (lavender and sunflower) while the conditioner is infused with lemongrass essential oil. Both are stated to stimulate and heal the scalp. While I am never excited to see shampoo/conditioner samples (with Curly hair I usually stick to my tried & true products and system especially when travelling to a humid climate), these really do smell amazing so I will happily gift them to someone who will love them, so unfortunately you won’t see an upcoming full review 😦


Pur Peppermint Chewing Gum (9 pc pack) Value $1.49

Who doesn’t need chewing gum on a flight! I like having this in the box – practical and a nice option for travel as I haven’t tried this brand before. This gum has a crisp, sweet breath-freshening peppermint flavor and scent, and is sweetened with xylitol (aspartame free!). It also contains the antioxidant benefits of white tea extract


Hurraw Sun (lip) Balm SPF 15 (4.3gr) Value $4.09

This soft, rich and creamy lip balm is organic, vegan and all natural. Packed with cold pressed oils to moisturize and heal it also is SPF 15 to protect from UVA/UVB rays. It has a deliciously juicy tangerine/vanilla scent, however unfortunately also contains Roman Chamomile which incites allergic reaction for me so I will pass it along to a lucky friend to use on vacation and won’t be giving it a full review.


Lara Bar in Coconut Cream (48gr) Value $2.14

This is the perfect snack to have in your carry-on for the flight. It is an energy rich fruit & nut bar, made with raw food (dates, coconut and coconut oil), no added sugar, non-GMO, gluten/dairy/soy free, vegan AND kosher!  From research online, it looks like this flavor is being phased out and replaced with Coconut Cream PIE, which contains cashews/almonds and a touch more fibre (6g vs 5g). Because of this, I didnt’ want to leave it sit lonely until my next trip (or honestly – I needed a morning snack at work with my coffee!). The flavor is good; nicely sweetened coconut without being overpoweringly like a pina colada 😉  It was filling and satisfying.

Made Good Organic Granola Minis (24g) Value $1.25

From the picture on the right, you can tell these weren’t tucked away for future travel either – I opened them up right away to try them out :).

They are tiny little mini balls of toasted fibre-rich gluten-free oats, sweet apples, and spicy cinnamon. They tasted a bit like an apple-cinnamon bread and were very satisfying for a sweet tooth as well as a quick and easy to eat snack on the go. They are certified peanut-free (a delicious healthy safe school snack for your kids) and contain oat bran; making them  healthy for us irregular non-kids!  I would definitely take these along for a travel snack!


Simply Protein Chips, BBQ Tomato flavor (33g) Value $2.08

This is a whole different take on “chips” for me. Made from pea protein as the main ingredient, this 33g bag has 15 g of protein, 140 calories and only 2g of sugar. It is gluten, dairy and soy free, vegan, kosher, non-gmo, low sugar/glycemic and easy to digest so essentially they are a guilt free snack!  The chips are very crunchy and savoury; the bbq-tomato mix initially was a bit of a surprising flavor to adjust to in a “chip” but after a few, they became quite addictive. I would love these on a flight paired with an ice-cold beer or a bloody mary 🙂 .  I would really like to also try the Chili flavor. A hit!


Surprise item! Elan Organic Himalayan Sunshine Mix (150gr) Value $9.99

This is a generous mixture of non-gmo and gluten free pumpkin seeds, cranberries, cashews, walnuts and gogi berries. 30gr = 150 calories; so not a guilt-free treat, but it is a nutritious healthy snack if you can control yourself from devouring the entire bag 🙂  I love trail mix when travelling; easy to eat and gives a great boost of healthy nutritious energy. Even better when it’s organic and gmo-free!

This was my first Jule’s Wellness monthly subscription box. This was a huge 5 star hit; I will absolutely continue the subscription, looking forward to each monthly theme, and I will keep the “gift” basket options in mind for any special events for friends and family.

Bonus – the product cards offers a 10% off discount and free shipping on all boutique orders, as VIP member. Great incentive to stock up on items for travel!

This box cost me $36.05 Cnd (taxes in) and had a value of $50.33. 

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