Topbox March 2016 Unboxing

five stars


Topbox is a Canadian personalized monthly beauty subscription. For $12+tax (shipping included) per month you get 4 deluxe samples allowing you to sample and discover new beauty products from some of the top brands on the market.  Topbox also allows members the opportunity to sign up on the Wish List for special “Prive” boxes that contain only one brand.

I am very very impressed Topbox!  My March Topbox is a huge hit, containing four products (two full size!) that I have never tried but am excited to test out and review.


Mereadesso Tinted All-in-One Moisturizer (7ml) Value $16.80

This is a sheer, light coverage tinted moisturizer but the packaging indicates it can be built up for more coverage which I find interesting.  I am in the market for a bright new and shiny tinted moisturizer for the summer that gives good coverage without containing chemical SPF (I use a separate all natural SPF instead) and Mereadesso is known for luxe items. The package doesn’t indicate a “shade” though their website indicates there is light, medium, dark and deep dark – this could be a medium shade. I also love that this is touted as an “all in one product” – serum, moisturizer, primer, day cream and eye cream”.  When travelling this is a huge plus and frees up suitcase space for shopping! It also recommends applying by hand – again saving suitcase space in not brining brushes, spatulas, etc)

This moisturizer contains aloe, cucumber, apple, and nettle, leading me to believe it will feel hydrating and soothing on the skin. I like the packaging of this “foil type sample” with a snap closure that will make it ideal as a travel sample!


Nova Scotia Fisherman Xtreme Lipcare in Fisher-Mint (5.2gr) Value $3.33

Being OCD about lipbalm every single night before bed, and on weekends before venturing out into the cold dry Alberta climate, I am pleased to have one from Nova Scotia Fisherman – a little taste of “home”! Initially I thought the minty flavor/ scent might be best saved for when I have a cold but it is more of a sweet mint than purely eucalyptus and provides a nice moisturizing tingle to the lips so I will insert this into my bedside table lineup to use soon. It also lists Agave Tequila in the ingredients – intriguing for sure!!!


Bliss Triple Oxygen energizing vitamin C day cream (15ml) Value $20.40

This is a lightweight cream with a gel-like consistency. It feels very hydrating on the skin and has a refreshing zingy orange scent. It absorbs very quickly, drying down with no tackiness afterwards leaving skin feeling very smooth and soft. I am using a day cream right now so will only give this a real test in a month or so. I probably have vacation on the brain… but it does feel like the kind of light gel consistency that would make a great travel day cream.

MasquerAide “All Eyes on Me” hydrating eye gel patches (47.g) Value $5.15

This was the item I admit I was truly most excited by. I am a huge fan of MasquerAide’s sheet masks; I can’t rave enough about how effective and wonderful they are! These masks promise to brighten, hydrate and firm the under eye area. Sign me up for all three benefits please!! If these are as effective as their sheet masks, I will be placing an order soon and adding them to my MaskerAide stash!

The eyes masks contain a unique blend of 100 natural herb ingredients, including Red Ginseng for Anti-Aging, Quince for Moisturizing, Lotus for Brightening, Gingko Biloba for Nutrition and Mint for Soothing. As with their sheet masks, these contain no parabens or mineral oils, are BHT, Formaldehyde, Phtalate and Talc Free. I am very eager to test these out, and it might just happen this weekend on a home-spa day.

I am so very happy with my Topbox this month. For an investment of $12.60 Cdn I received a total value of $45.68 in products!!

Topbox is the very first monthly subscription box I signed up to, way back in September of 2012. At the time, there were very few options for Canadians to choose from… Glossybox went out of business in Canada, twice; Glymm and Seasons Box crashed and burned. But Topbox never wavered.

Now, in 2016, there are subscription services coming out every month and so many options available.  If you are considering signing up for a monthly subscription and you are not sure which one to choose, I would recommend Topbox  as reputable and reliable and a very affordable first step to take into this crazy addictive world of sampling products. Take the plunge – what could be better than gifting a gift to yourself? A surprise in the mail every month to make you smile and allow you to pamper yourself.

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