March product reviews

This is the first installment of a series of monthly reviews of products I have used up… did I love it – will I repurchase it? Did I hate it – and toss it away before using it up? or was it just meh.. used it and glad it’s gone?

I have separated these into sub-categories. I was surprised that many of them, though in different categories, are linked as “scented” items. I guess I do love scents; certain types of scents at least ūüôā

1. Redken Color Extend Magnetics conditioner (1000ml) one star

IMG_2795This was mostly used up by my daughter; though we both color our hair and I tried this out while on vacation when I ran out of Devacurl.¬† My daughter has loved this for years. I, on the other hand, find it very perfumy scented. Preface this review with my own preferences: I love scents that are either 1. Clean and fresh; 2 Citrusy and fresh; or 3 Tropical. I also love a conditioner that is light (and doesn’t weigh down my fine curly hair) yet has a lot of “slip” to it – to detangle my curly knots, especially at the base of my head and if I have worn a pony tail for a couple of days. This conditioner unfortunately doesn’t deliver either for me.

2. L’Oreal Paris Preference Mousse REUSABLE permanent haircolor in shade 425 Pearly Dark Chocolate¬† five stars

IMG_2797Yes – I take issue with L’Oreal’s testing on animals, so having this as¬†a HG item for me is painful. But I do love this product, and have in fact repurchased 2 packages to have on hand. It is very easy to use – the package contains two sets of GOOD gloves (by good I mean fit my small hands nicely yet are also long enough to cover my wrists, and ¬†they are “tough” enough to be rinsed and reused without falling apart), the usual rich after-use conditioner, and the color itself which is truly dummy proof to use! It is one container only¬† – no mixing of products – and can be stored and reused which is perfect for me, as after first use it is mainly root-touchups that I need every 4-6 weeks or so, with a full color refresh every 3 months.

The application container is very easy to use, dispensing the product in an easy-to-apply foam. The color covers gray (yay!) and gives a nice rich shiny brown shade to my mousy medium brown hair, covering all gray well.

3. Bath  & Body Works Island Pink Pomelo hand soap (236ml) three stars

IMG_2793I loved the scent of this handsoap – crisp clean grapefruit – and the liquid to foam application. I have eczema on one of my hands though, so I found this a bit drying for me as I prefer glycerine or natural soaps so I wouldn’t go out of my way to repurchase except as a “guest” handsoap.

4. Tide detergent pods in Spring Meadow scent (1kg) four stars

IMG_2799I love the “pods” trend – so much easier than the powdered versions of old (I really dated myself on that statement). Even easier than lugging a heavy liquid container to the laundry room. This Spring Meadow scent is fresh and clean, and the pods do a good job. Tide is usually my default go-to brand though I have been searching for a good all natural alternative to use in cold water that cleans while keeping bright colors bright (I love my tropical-bright colors!).

5. Febreeze refresh refills in Hawaiian Aloha one star

IMG_2794This are made for small spaces and I use it in my bathroom. I bought the refills because the condo owner (we rent from) had this unit in the bathrooms. The Hawaiian Aloha scent was great the first week, but did not hold or throw scent much after that initial week unfortunately. I though maybe I had developed ‘nose blindness”… but even sniffing the unit upclose = there is little scent. I would not repurchase this scent. I will try one more scent; if it works, will refill but if not I will try a plugin instead.

6. Loblaws brand Buttered Rum scented single-wick candle one star not pictured

This was a gift. The scent of the candle was good – deliciously sweet buttered rum scented – and the scent still lingers in the leftover wax in the candle holder (it didn’t burn down cleanly), it didn’t have any throw while burning. Would not purchase as there are others that have better scent throw.

7. Bath & Bodworks Limoncello scented 3 wick candle (14.5oz)

IMG_2796The throw on this is really good and it burned down cleanly. It wasn’t amazing a scent for me though. I love lemon scent so I had high hopes for this. I have discovered though that I love my lemon/citrus scents to be crisp and tangy, reminding me of summer, but this was sweet and honestly a bit cloying after awhile. I liked it, didn’t hate it, but wouldn’t repurchase this scent.

8. White Barn (Bath & Bodyworks) Welcome Autumn spiced wreath scented 3 wick candle four stars

IMG_2798This was the perfect fall/winter scent for me – a mixture of smokey fire, Christmas balsam, and bayberry/clove spicness that felt like “sitting in a leather-furniture library seated by the fire, next to a window in a snowstorm” kind of warm coziness. The throw on it was awesome and it burned down very very cleanly and evenly. I would search this out and repurchase this scent in the fall.

9. Reactine cetirizine hydrochloride allergy tablets five stars

This is a holy grail daily use item for me; every single day pretty much year round, to combat seasonal allergies (ragweed, daisies and their family members, and mould) and dust allergy.  They are the non-drowsy 24 hour formula. If I forget to take one and start getting sniffly, with the beginnings of a scratchy throat and irritated red runny eyes I take one of these and the symptoms subside within 15 minutes. I am never without these Рthey are in my travel bag, handbag and desk.

10. Vitafusion Fibre Well fibre supplement gummies five stars

IMG_2792As we age, it is an unfortunate reality that fibre supplements become a critical item to have in our cabinets. While I try to increase my natural fibre intake by adding apples, plums, and bran to my diet where I can, there are days when a little extra is needed.¬† I have tried many varieties and versions – the powder added to a glass of orange juice, the tablets that come before/after a meal, the crackers, or the packets of powder to sprinkle on food. Most of these are either really yucky and dry, and require a lot of water along with them, or worse… they produce the opposite effect desired. These gummies however are really delicious in a variety of fruit flavors, don’t require water so they are as convenient as they are yummy; I can chew a couple on the way out the door in the morning and with supper in the evening.¬† I will be repurchasing these for sure!

11. Pond’s Exfoliating Renewal Wet Cleansing towelettes with citrus/cucumber scent (30 per pkg) two stars

IMG_2790I liked the refreshing scent and the towelettes had two sides to them, one smooth and one covered in little scrubbing nubs for exfoliation. However, the towelettes dried out quickly as the seal of the package was difficult to work with; while this might have contributed to be honest, they weren’t very moist to begin with. They didn’t do a great job of removing makeup, though they claimed to polish away dry, dull skin while removing dirt and makeup. As they weren’t an effective makeup remover wipe, I relegated them to use in my morning routine instead; this was a good move because I then found them to work effectively to do a nice morning exfoliation, and the crisp citrus/cucumber mix scent was a nice morning wakeup. I did always feel a residue leftover after using them though that needed to be rinsed off. If the packaging were a bit better, they would be a 3 star item. I would repurchase if I needed a morning towelette face wipe; but I don’t – a light cleanser and exfoliator in the shower is all I need.

12. Neutrogena All-in-one Makeup Removing Cleansing Wipes  (25 per pkg) five stars

IMG_2791What differentiates these from the previously reviewed item is that the Neutrogena wipes do a good job of removing makeup, while also being gentle enough to remove eye makeup without irritation all in one wipe. I also find them moisturizing; after using, my face feels refreshed, not dry, and there is no heavy residue to rinse off. They have a clean fresh scent that unfortunately also is a slight bit perfumey but it dissipates quickly and doesn’t detract from them being my go to face wipes. I always have some on hand for use at home as well as when I travel.I often use one when I first get home from work, to “wipe away the day” and refresh before supper, then do a full cleansing routine later in the evening before bed.

13. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer  (50ml)  three stars

IMG_2807While this has been¬†my go-to tinted moisturizer for about 2 years, it gets¬†3 out of 5 stars because I am still in search of a holy grail and this hasn’t quite made it to that status. It is a good product obviously as I have repurchased this many times – it is lightweight and gives a good sheer/light coverage and I do already have a backup on hand. I feel, however, that it is more of a tinted sunscreen (though only SPF20) than a tinted moisturizer and it is pricey for what it provides. I also have to be so cautious in not using it anywhere near my eyes because the SPF triggers allergies for me; and unfortunately it is my under eye¬†area that requires the tinted moisturizer product the most in summer!¬†I am searching for a tinted moisturizer that provides light coverage (to even out skin tone and give a light glow), without SPF (I already use a mineral SPF), that doesn’t oxidize orange on my skin and travels well. A large order indeed but I will find that holy grail item and share a review when I do! If you have any suggestions let me know!! ūüôā


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