March minimadness #48-66

#48-49 – John Frieda Luxurious Volume Shampoo & Conditioner (foil pkt) two stars

I liked the scent; clean and fresh. It was an ok product, I got two uses out of it. I didn’t notice a marked difference in my hair though using this.

#50 – Neutrogena Clean normalizing shampoo 24ml  three stars

This was a hotel sample; I like Neutrogena shampoo as a refresher for my hair. It seems to clear away the product buildup so my hair can absorb moisture again and be refreshed.

#51 – Whish Shave Cream pomegranate scent 22ml three stars

This had  fresh fruity scent and seemed moisturizing enough. I got quite a few uses out of it as I don’t shave often, except summer. Contains squalene, organic shea butter, green tea, coconut oil, and jojoba oil.

#52 – Oral B Brush Up textured teeth wipe (foil pkt) four stars

As odd as this item is – it is a small textured “finger puppet” that you use to dry-brush your teeth and tongue for  quick toothpaste/toothbrush free refresh on the go. It is minty fresh and very handy to have a the office, in your purse and when on vacation. It leaves your teeth feeling clean and your mouth/breath fresh clean.

#53 – Jack Black Turbo Wash Energizing Cleanser for hair & body (foil pkt) one star

This was an OK body wash. It didn’t do anything spectacular, and I wouldn’t rush out to purchase. Obviously a men’s care product with a refreshing masculine scent. I would use this if I had a cold or stuffy nose because it is certainly refreshing!

#54 – Beauty Protector Protect & Treat hair mask 14g four stars

I love the cotton candy scent and this mask is so rich and thick. I used this as a deep conditioning treatment, focusing mostly on ends and left on for about 20 minutes, wrapping my head in plastic and a hot towel. Admittedly, it didn’t feel like it was doing much upon application or as I was rinsing it out – my hair didn’t feel smooth or tangle free and it was hard to rinse clear. Afterwards, however is where the magic was – my hair was shine, bouncy and it smelled amazing! The cotton candy sweet scent lasted throughout the entire day.

#55 – Eslor soothing refine and cleanser (foil pkt) two stars

This worked well enough as a cleanser, and I really got a lot of uses out of one small sample packet. I found the gel to be sticky however and I wasn’t a fan of the spa-like scent.

#56 – NARS Pure Radiant tinted moisturizer SPF30 (1ml foil pkt) one star

This was in the shade St Moritz (Medium) and contains both Octinoxate and Titanium Dioxide as sunscreen. It was very light, very sheer with minimal coverage; I feel it is a tinted sunscreen more than a tinted moisturizer. I wanted to love it but I did not feel any “radiance” other than it looked oily by mid day. Unfortunately it also oxidized so orange on me. I couldn’t finish the sample.

#57 – Mereadesso All In One Moisturizer (12ml) four stars

Promising to be an all in one day and night moisturizer, eye cream, toner, and primer in one product – this had a lot to live up to. I would not use it as a night cream – don’t see the point in having a primer at night?? But as a day cream I was very pleasantly surprised at how much I loved this. It is also a green tinted cream so it provides good color correction for redness! It is a light lotion with a very light powder scent to it, it applies easily and smoothly but feels a bit tacky to the touch, drying down quickly to a matte finish and feel. It smoothes out uneven skin areas and fills in pores, and makes a great makeup base, with a cooling feel to it after application. I loved the generous sample size with an easy to use snap closure on the sample! Brilliant packaging! I was sad to finish the sample and if I didn’t have so many great day moisturizers at the moment I would repurchase.

#58 – Origins High Potency Nigh-a-Mins skin refining oil (foil pkt) one star

I love origins products – the night-a-mins night cream is amazing -but I just couldn’t manage this product enough to figure out if it was going to be a hit. The oil was very thin and not manageable in this type of packaging – I lost most of it on the floor. It might sample better in a vial or jar. I have to give this a 1 star because I really don’t know if it works and the foil pkt was a flop.

#59 – Ren Clean Skincare flash rinse 1 minute facial (foil pkt) four stars

With a title of 1 minute facial I expected this to be a one use only sample, but it lasted quite a few days! I loved the light gritty texture of it – you smooth it on dry skin, massage it in dry then with damp fingers you activate the vitamin C and massage some more. The texture changes to a gel-like consistency after adding water. I left it on for a minute then rinsed clear. It left my skin feeling exfoliated but also hydrated and baby soft smooth! The scent was a little odd – a mixture of copper and vitamin c tablets, but it didn’t linger after rinsing. The only downside is some redness after using but it wasn’t pronounced and didn’t last long.

#60 – Sephora Rose sleeping mask (8ml) three stars

For a little tub this has a LOT of product in it – I wish it closed better after opening because it lasts 4-5 uses. I have tried a few varieties of the Sephora sleeping masks; the texture is similar in all of them – a thick gel that feels cool upon application and locks in your night moisturizer and product while you sleep. The Rose variety is listed as ultramoisturizing and brightening – I don’t know that it ULTRA moisturized or brightened, but it felt nice on and like the others my skin felt soft and hydrated in the morning. I didn’t like the rose scent however – it was quite strong.

#61-62 – Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta daily peel (foil pkt) one star

This is a 2 step process: step 1 is a small cloth which will exfoliate and smooth and step 2 is a cloth which would firm and lift. I am not sure which one irritated my skin – either step 1 or 2 – but my face felt sensitive, irritated, red and slightly itchy after using. I didn’t notice any benefits but it was a one use only. I wouldn’t repurchase.

#63 – Benefit GimmeBrow brow gel in light medium (.03oz)

I love this product – this one tiny little sample vial lasted forever! I finally finished it and have repurchased a backup. I love the simplicity of the lightly tinted gel (perfect shade match for me). I used it as a final step after pencil or powder, or on its own on “makeup free” weekend days. The tiny brush is easy to use and the gel holds brows in place all day long. A holy grail item for me.

#64- Benefit Stay Don’t Stray eyeshadow/concealer primer in light/medium one star

It has a soft doe-foot applicator making it easy to use and is creamy, not silicone based but as a primer it neither makes eye makeup last, nor does it help make it crease free. I gave up on this after a few uses and threw it away.

#65 – Manna Kadar conditioning lash primer 4gr two stars

This was a white creamy product. I didn’t notice any major impact as a primer but I used it at night as a lash conditioner and it did seem  that I lost less lashes while I was using it. Seems to be an ok product though I never think much about using a conditioner or primer for my eyelashes so probably wouldn’t buy it.

#66 – Well People expressionist mascara three stars

I love that this is a natural mascara and cruelty free. It was a perfect everyday look for me; minimalist making my lashes look better, darker and longer without any spider or fake look to them. For a mascara it also had a pleasant scent – most mascaras do smell funky but this smelled almost fresh and clean! Unfortunately it did smudge a bit on me if I had a long day, but if I didn’t have a holy grail mascara already I would repurchase this as my everyday basic mascara. It surprised me and I liked using it more than I expected to.




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