Bakers Krate March unboxing


Bakers Krate Sweet Express is a monthly subscription. For $19.99/month plus $9.99 shipping, you get a Dessert box, filled with gourmet, artisan baked goods. This company is Canadian, based in Winnipeg Manitoba. Initial boxes contained baked goods from Winnipeg bakeries – the company is branching out and may contain items from other provinces in the future.

bcallThe March box contained 6 delicious bakery items.

1. Bacon Butter Tart Pie in a Jar from Shut Ur Pie Hole

To celebrate Pi day on March 14th a Pie in a Jar! This dessert was a combination of salty and sweet – a butter tart pie with salty bacon bits in it.

I enjoyed this but wouldn’t count it in my top items in the box. The salty-sweet combo works for me – I love sea salt and caramel like crazy – but while I do love crispy bacon and have been known to cook a package as a snack (ouch!) I just could not love bacon in a dessert.

2. Caramilk Chocolate Chip Cookie and 3. Chocolate Chunk Cookie from Cookie Girl http://www.instagram.comm/cookiegirl/wpg

Caramilk Choc chip cookie was a soft chewy cookie with a piece of caramilk bar baked right inside and the Choc chunk cookie had chunks of yummy chocolate pieces all through it.

I ate both of these warmed in the microwave – the Caramilk cookie was my favorite in this month’s box. So delicious I ate it with my eyes closed. The Choc chunk cookie was scrumptious as well,  soft and chewy with lots of chocolate pieces.

4. Butterscotch Quickie from Eiffel Tower Pastry Shop and Catering

A soft and sweet butterscotch dessert with crispy bits inside.

Tbis was my second favorite – I LOVE butterscotch and especially with crispies! This was sweet and chewy with just the right amount of old fashioned butterscotch goodness!


5. Chocolate Peppermint Sandwich from High Tea Bakery

Crispy rich chocolate cookie sandwiching a creamy peppermint filling.

I prefer soft chewy desserts to crisp cookies, but this did have a rich dark chocolate flavored cookie and the mint was fresh, not too sweet. In retrospect I should have had it with coffee or hot chocolate and dunked it but I couldn’t wait to dig in.


6. Crinkle Cookie from High Tea Bakery

A chocolate cookie rolled in powdered sugar and baked until perfectly chewy.

I received my box at the end of March so this was sadly no longer perfectly chewy. While the centre was slightly chewy the rest was a bit dry band crispy. It had good flavor though – a nice medium chocolate richness, not too sweet but the powdered sugar adds the sweetness to the overall bite. Again – I should have dunked this in coffee or hot chocolate.

Overall I really enjoyed this month’s selection. I love the variety – the cookies, dessert in a jar and the sweet desserts. There is a good mix of desserts to satisfy all sweet tooth’s.

I love that the box lid has a wooden fork – I get the box delivered to me at work and sometimes I just want to dive right in!

The box also comes with an ingredients list – for those with allergies – and the product card always lists the Best Before date so you can prioritize your eating schedule 🙂

If you are interested in trying out Bakers Krate, click here to check it  out Bakers Krate. or go to  Use code SWEET for 10% off your first box!!

I can’t wait for the April box to arrive!!



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