March minimadness Finale #67-86


#67 – CandleAbracadabra Blueberry Cobbler Bath Salts (etsy store) two stars

Blueberry scented Epsom salts were OK. Had a faint blueberry scent. Great for relaxing tired muscles; I just like my bath products to be a sensory and scent filled experience.

#68 – Sephora Pearl Mask, perfecting & brightening fiber mask (one use) one star

This was OK. Decent amount of serum, a cloth fiber mask. Not strongly scented. I have a holy grail mask that works magic after use (the MaskerAide masks) so it sets the bar high. This was relaxing but I didn’t notice any major benefits after using.

#69 – The Seaweed Bath Co Wildly Natural Seaweed Powder Bath (57g)three stars

This was lavender scented, and enriched with Hawaiian Kukui Oil. It was a relaxing bath – I loved the scent and moisturizing benefits. The only down size was it was extremely messy to clean up afterwards, but many bath products are. If you don’t mind wiping down all of the seaweed flakes, this is a great product for a relaxing and moisturizing bath. The packet contained enough for 2 baths – but I went all in and soaked in the benefits in one go, with a book and a glass of wine. I would try this again. I love that it is all natural, hand harvested in Maine, and non-gmo/vegan and cruelty free.

#70 – Philosophy Hope in a jar night (12ml) one star

This night moisturizer is thick and rich but the smell is just soooo bad. I could not put it on my face because the smell lingers and was not in the least relaxing for a good nights sleep. It is a decent moisturizer though, so not wanting to waste it I managed to use it as a neck/décolleté cream; at least it was further away from my nose. Unfortunately even if it is a good moisturizer I have so many great moisturizers that smell wonderful; there is just no way I could buy this or even work through another sample.

#71 – Naked Skin Beauty Balm SPF 20 (15ml)  two stars

I purchased this to replace a much loved primer by Smashbox that was discontinued – the bronzing primer. I figured a peachy BB cream might be a good replacement. What I didn’t like – the SPF factor – again, this triggers allergies and I have to be so cautious in applying it around my eyes (where I need coverage!). I did like the BB cream coverage – a light coverage that evened out skin tone, gave a nice light peachy glow, and didn’t oxidize on my skin. but it wasn’t a huge hit – there are other BB Creams that provide better coverage without the sunscreen factor. I am still searching for a fantastic tinted moisturizer/BB cream with NO spf (I will used my natural spf as a base instead).

#72 – Whish bodybutter in pomegranate (22ml)  three stars

I would not call this a body butter – it does not have the consistency of a butter, it is a lotion. The pomegranate scent however is yummy – light fruity without being too sweet. It was also quite moisturizing for a lotion and this little tube lasted longer than I expected. I would repurchase for use in spring / fall – but not intense enough for winter/Summer skin.

#73 – LUSH Gorgeous Facial Moisturizer (8g) three stars

Absorbs quickly, nice light day moisturizer, I love the little lush container with twist top – so easy to use! The scent is refreshing – natural, orange/lemon/slightly floral. The sample was quite small so not enough for me to decide if I wanted to purchase a full size, but I really enjoyed this and it was moisturizing.

#74/75/76 – Hourglass Immaculate liquid powder foundation (foil pkts) one star

I missed 3 shades, as these were super tiny samples; ivory, porcelain and shell. Mixed together the shade was perfect. I loved the initial application; it applied smoothly, gave nice coverage, and dried down to a matte powder finish. So matte my daughter said my face looked plastic, but that’s because I hadn’t yet added any blush or contour. Unfortunately though it oxidized after a couple of hours, to a light orangey shade.

#77 – Make Up Forever Pro Finish powder foundation (sample) two stars

Challenging to review this as the sample was one of those onetime use cards which never have enough to use for the whole face application! The shades I had were also in the medium family – 123 Golden Beige, 127 Golden Sand, 130 Pink Sand and 128 Neutral Sand. instead of using as a foundation, I used a kabuki brush to brush this over my tinted moisturizer as a ‘bronzer’ which seemed to work well.

#78 – Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo in Taupe (sample card) five stars

Using an angled brow brush, this worked well to shade my brows (which are sadly greying) before I applied a tinted brow gel. This is easy to work with, the taupe shade is a good neutral shade to work with. I have purchased this in the past, and would again.

#80 – Mouthwash (from Radisson hotels) 30mltwo stars

It was green, it was minty, it was mouthwash. I used it up at work and it was OK.

#81 – Rainforest of the sea water foundation in shade light neutral (sample) four stars

The shade felt a bit light for me, so I will try a darker one later. This foundation worked well though – I would say medium coverage, I applied with a slightly damp beauty blender and it dried down well to a soft finish. I got two uses out of a small blister pack so I could have given a second coat for more coverage I think if I had wanted. It didn’t’ feel like I was wearing a mask of makeup and it didn’t seem to settle in my fine lines until very very late in the day, which I usually expect. it did not oxidize on my skin (yay) and I used only a light translucent powder to set it. I need to give this a few more tries before deciding if I will invest in the full size and give it HG status.

#82 – Maison Martin Margiela Replica Beach Walk perfume sample  three stars

I enjoyed this scent. Beach yes but not coconut or tropical… a mix of ocean salt, suntan lotion and light powdery cotton/linen undertones. It was a happy scent, not overpowering and did not give me a headache 🙂 I would purchase if I didnt’ have a half dozen HG perfumes I currently love

#83 – English Laundry Signature perfume sample one star

Musky, peppery and floral. Sadly the floral overtook the rest and this gave me a headache. I couldn’t finish it. Just not for me.

#84 – Terra Essentials Detox Foot Balm (etsy) two stars

A thick salve consistency, containing shea butter, hemp seed oil, avocado oil, menthol crystal and vitamin E, this foot balm smelled like Vicks Vaporub. I don’t know if it was completely effective in eliminating calluses, but it smelled so minty fresh and after a long day it was refreshing and tingly on tired feet.

#85 – JR Watkins Naturals Apothecary Hand Cream (95g) four stars

This is a very thick hand cream in lavender scent. 98.90% natural -free of parabens and dyes. I love the scent and the rich moisturizing feeling. It does feel heavy and greasy upon initial application but absorbs quickly and leaves my hands feeling soft and hydrated.

#86 – Clinique High Impact Mascara 3.5ml sample two stars

It was an OK mascara. Large wand, smelled like typical mascara but not funky or too chemical. It applied well, dried quickly, gave me some length with a bit of volume. I found it a bit tricky to work with – could spider out if not cautious. I have so many fantastic mascaras I have tried. This one is OK – not bad, not Wow. Just OK.





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