White Willow April 2016 unboxing


White Willow is a Canadian monthly subscription box service at https://whitewillowbox.com/.

They offer several plans to choose from – monthly at $35month, 3 month plan at $34ea, 6 month plan at $33ea and annual at $32 each month for the year (this last plan equals 1 free box!). There is an $8 shipping charge + GST; but this box is chock full and often heavy so it is good value even adding in shipping.

I signed up for the monthly plan, so this box cost me $35+$8 shipping + GST=$45.68

What to expect in your box?

The founder and CEO, Shab Ansari, along with her team of experts handpick their favorite international brand items to create the ultimate assortment of products in each month’s box, for you to try. Each month, you will receive a lovely box delivered straight to you with four to five full-sized and sample products ranging from:

  • Beauty and personal care
  • Fashion accessories
  • Home decor accents
  • Culinary delights
  • Fine paper goods/stationary
  • Technology gadgets
  • And other lifestyle surprises

My first impression of my first monthly White Willow box…. WOW!!!!! Classy and elegant. This box would make an ideal gift for any occasion (they do offer “gift” plans in 1-3-6 options.

The box is shipped within a brown cardboard box for extra security during shipping. once you dive inside, the product box is pristine crisp white, covered in the WW logos, and inside it is beautifully packaged with thick white tissue paper, tied elegantly with a white bow with the White Willow logo on it. The inside lid of the box invites you to “Unveil Your Surprise” – their tag line.  There is a generous amount of paper worms to also add safety to the contents during shipping.

The next thing to wow me is the quality and beauty of the Welcome Card, the Product Listing Card, and finally a recipe card (Gluten-Free London Fog Cake made with the Nexjen Gluten Free Vanilla Cake Mix and Harney & Sons Earl Grey tea within the sub box) complete with beautiful photo of the finished product. I couldn’t be more impressed!


Now onto the delightful items in this box. Each one of them has the look and feel of a luxury specialty item!

1. Classic Double Pearl Earrings by Cherrypick  SRP $25

These earrings are stunning! Glossy white pearls with gold tone hardware, they were luxuriously packaged in a small white velvet satchel. These are so on trend; I own nothing like it and will wear them frequently to work this spring and summer. The retail price listed is $25 but they are on the Cherrypick website for $18US.  http://shopcherrypick.com/collections/earrings/products/double-pearls-classic

2. White Soleil Rare Botanic 3 oz Votive candle by D.J. & Co SRP $24

DL&Co are listed as Modern Alchemists and Purveyors of Curious Goods. How cool a tagline is that for your business!! They are quoted as having a love of botanica, arcane curiosities and long-forgotten sensations which compels them to offer these modern heirlooms in this age of aesthetic tedium and mass production.

There were two scents available – Honey Absolute or Essence of Florets. I received Honey Absolute: sparkling mandarin, neroli blossom, sweet honeysuckle, yellow mimosa, and golden amber- and I truly lucked out. This smells heavenly; clean, sweet, crisp. And the candle holder is so elegantly white and gold. This will look stunning on display! On the DL&Co website a 9 oz is $55US.

3. Natural Foaming unscented Face Wash by Consonant Skincare 125ml SRP $22


There are so many subscription boxes on the market at the moment, so choice is yours. It is the details that separate an OK subscription box from a stellar one, and this right here is detail. This foaming face wash was packaged in a sealed plastic bag to protect the rest of the box just in case Canada Post got frisky in the shipping process. That extra step of ‘care”  in packaging speaks volumes.

Winner of Best Cleanser by Globe and Mail, Style Beauty Awards and winner of Top Beauty Product by Beauty Connexion. This is a 100% natural face wash formulate to be the perfect 3-in-1 product; a gentle yet effective cleanser packed with nourishing botanicals like Tea Tree Oil and Grape Seed Oil it also promises to hydrate the skin, eliminate uneven skin tone and fight blemishes while removing makeup (including stubborn eye makeup).

I have not yet tried out this product to give it a review – I will in the coming weeks – especially its claim re: eye make remover. Because it contains tea tree oil my concern would be does it sting or burn the eyes?  While the product and product card state this is “Unscented”, I would challenge that to be no artificial scents added. It is not completely unscented, as it smells like tea tree oil which is pungent and uniquely strong – yet it is effective in soothing inflammation and controlling blemishes. This product also claims to be pH balanced, thus eliminating the need to use a toner after cleansing.

I did test it out on my hand, to confirm scent vs uncented, and initial impression is my hand feels clean, hydrated, and smooth (almost like I applied a primer to it). I am really looking forward to trying this product out soon to see if it could become a holy grail cleanser in my morning or night routine. I love that it is 100% natural – I will have to do more research to confirm if it is Cruelty Free, which is becoming more and more important to me as I change my product purchases to align with this.

This is listed at $22Cdn on the http://www.consonantskincare.con website.

 4. Gluten-Free Artisan Vanilla Bean Cake Mix by NexJen 1lb SRP $8


This product was developed by award winning Chef Jen Peters. The goal of NexJen is to provide the best ingredients, blended in the perfect proportion with balanced flavour for home bakers & professional chefs to incorporate into their gluten-free kitchens seamlessly. NexJen sprouts and mills their own buckwheat and their blend is GMO-free, corn-free, preservative/dairy/sulphite free.  You can check out their website at http://www.nexjen.ca for gluten free recipes. individual products not available retail.

5. Earl Grey Imperial Tea by Harney & Sons Master Tea Blenders 11g (5 sachets) SRP $6

This earl grey tea is part of Harney & Sons line of historical English blends, created especially for the Historic Royal Palaces of England. It is a particular blend of 4 teas from China and India, flavored with natural bergamot oil. The packaging is lovely, very unique with a “bottle cap” style lid, and the tea smells divine!  On http://www.harney.com website this retails for $4US.  If you are a tea lover, check out their website for their selection, rating system and tea accessories!

White Willow’s documentation hopes that this experience was visually pleasing, luxuriously satisfying, and memorably sweet. They state their desire is simple: to inspire and thrill our senses with their eclectic selections.

White Willow you definitely delivered on your promise in all areas. The items in this box are luxurious gifts I will savour and have no doubt, track down directly from the individual companies to repurchase. This April Subscription Box was an overwhelming hit and I eagerly look forward to more!

I highly recommend this box to anyone wanting to pamper themselves with a monthly surprise gift of decadent luxurious items. I strongly encourage you to check out http://www.whitewillowbox.com and sign up today!


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