Willow and Park April 2016 Unboxing

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Willow & Park is a Canadian lifestyle online shop(www.willowandpark.com), specializing in small fashion items, with a special focus on handmade Canadian items, and a just launching new Canadian Subscription bag. They aim to provide products that have a touch of whimsy.

This unboxing is of their inaugural “test” subscription box. It cost me $50 (less a $10 presale discount) + $5 shipping + GST = $47.25.

The new subscription launch will be different than this box – the W&P website refers to “BAG” so I suspect there will be no “box”. According to the note included in this sneak-peak box it will also be a more “mini” version for $27 +$7.99 shipping + GST.  The subscription bag will include Canadian made items such as jewellery, stationary, candles, make-up and small accessories etc .  You sign up with your email for notification of when the next subscription box sign-up will take place – the W&P site says the first box is already sold out.

The box came in a mailer bag, with the actual box beautifully wrapped in kraft paper with a purple and turquoise ribbon/bow – nice touch. At first look it seemed small compared to the many other subscription boxes I get, but sometimes small packages are dynamite ” says the short person :)”

It is nice getting the contents in a sturdy box – protecting them during shipping, and the boxes are great for storage!. I was a bit disappointed though that while this box is pretty with an antique/Victorian motif that it is a dollar store box and not something unique from an Etsy shop, as W&P promotes Canadian Etsy shops. It is pretty though and I can use it for storage.

In this box, I received seven items:  5 jewellery items (3 pr earrings, a ring and a necklace), 1 natural “perfume”, and a makeup bag plus some candy treats.

1. 2. & 3 Earrings


Only one of the pair had  a ‘brand’ name on them – the gold colored anchors with the Willow & PARK sticker. They are small earrings, that will be nice to use in summer when wearing nautical themed outfits. The pair on the right are a dark almost black stone in gold colored setting studs. They will be great for day to day wear at work (I have already worn them a few times). I like the style and will get wear out of these. The third pair on the top are silver toned metal dangly earrings, about 1 1/4″ long. They are thin and delicate and I really like these a lot – my favorite item in the box.

All in all; I am happy with the earring selection. If each box was to contain this many earrings though that would be overkill for me – I don’t need to grow the collection, and they are all ‘brand unknown’.

4. Summer necklace with large pendant  – a tropical statement piece. Brand unkown


This is a large piece, with small beaded shells as the multistrand cord and a large circular shell pendant. It is pretty. It is tropical. I have seen these so many times on islands and cruise ships, but also sadly at dollar stores. Since I love rockin’ the tropical vibe I will probably actually get some wear out of this in summer or on one of my many tropical getaways, though I suspect it wouldn’t be a go to piece for the average subscriber. Serendipitous it was in my box.

5. Silver tone leaf wrap ring costumer jewellry. Brand unkown


This ring is the right size and is pretty. I don’t wear a lot of rings, but I would probably wear this for a night out. My daughter seems to like it and it is her style so I will probably gift it to her. I am an “indoor cat” and honestly don’t have enough nights out to wear this much. It is a very pretty item, though again unbranded.

6. Beach Baby Bath & Body natural roll on perfume oil in Vanilla 10ml $12.00


This is one of the two Canadian made items in the box and can be found on the Beach Baby website http://www.beachbabybb.com. They are a small company located in Wasaga Beach, Ontario.

Unfortunately, Vanilla is not a scent I usually gravitate to. This perfume is an oil – it does apply with roll on and takes about 10-15 min for the oil to absorb so don’t apply as you are getting dressed. I like that it is Canadian-made and all natural – made with coconut oil, pure essential oils and organic fragrance blends, no chemicals, alcohol or synthetic fragrances. I just don’t like the scent of this particular item. It initially smells like vanilla extract with an odd lime undertone (and sadly it is the lime scent of the from concentrate “fake” lime juice in the squeezy lime containers used in baking). The scent sadly – or happily in this case – also does not last. Maybe I would have enjoyed one of the more tropical scents – pina colada, grapefruit or clementine?  I willhave to give this one away to someone who wants to try it out

7. Dayna Lee collection make up bag  9″x4″- You got this motif $14.81


This is the second Canadian made item in the box, from Dayna Lee’s etsy shop (located in Mississauga, On) https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/daynaleecollection

It is a pretty tropical turquoise on one side and white on the other, lined in canvas. Its shape makes it maybe awkward as a makeup bag, but… it will be the perfect travel bag for my makeup brushes as I don’t have anything this size/type in my collection. I will get a lot of use out of this and I really like the “motivational phrase” trend. This particular bag is no longer available in the etsy shop, so it is maybe an older collection or sold out online.

And finally – there were some treats included. Some jelly beans (albeit very sugary and not natural or fruit flavored) and a chocolate Canadian toonie was a nice touch. Also special was a handwritten Thank you for your order note from the co-founder/curator Andrea Spanik. I like this hands on personal approach.

I would give this box another try, as the new mini box format to see how it grows. First box had some items that I really did like, though all boxes seemed to be completely different, this one luckily aligned completely with my tastes but I don’t know that it was valued at the $57.25 cost ($47.25 with discount). I will watch for the next sign up option and try it out for another month.



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