Aging as gracefully as beauty products and makeup allow

I am a 50+ Canadian who, since as far back as I can remember, have been fascinated and obsessed with makeup and beauty care products.

In my early teens, I had convinced my Mom to sign me up for a monthly beauty care subscription to Yves Rocher. Yes, these existed back in the “stone ages” of the late 70’s way before the internet and online signups. I signed-up through a magazine ad and received a monthly package in the mail! Thus the true obsession began.

Over the years – through my teens, my crazy 20’s as a young single Mom, my turning adult 30’s, aging 40s and into my half century wise 50’s – my love for makeup and skincare has evolved and, yes, definitely grown. Through testing and experimenting with subscription box samples and an admitted Sephora addiction (VIB rouge three years running), I have found products that I LOVE and couldn’t live without (they would be my carryon for that deserted island trip), products that were “meh” (take ’em or leave ’em), products that were highly touted and rated by others but that for me were complete duds and didn’t live up to the hype (regretted waste of $$$), and products that got tossed after one use or sat unused in my collection way past expiry dates.

I invite you to grab a cup of coffee or tea, and join me on my journey as I share the products that I have found to be “perfect for ME”, and continue to try out and review high end and lower end (drugstore) makeup and beauty care products.  I hope you find, in the process, some gems of your own, or simply be entertained by my musings and honest “my opinion only” reviews.

I look forward to your comments and musings as well – please do share!



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