Vichy Neovadiol product line

A few weeks ago, I received a Vichy kit,  free from Chickadvisor,  to try out and review. The kit has three products from the new Neovadiol line of skin care formulate especially for women in menopause and beyond. I am far beyond so I was very excited to try this out. While my skin is normal to dry, I relocated a year ago to Alberta and the climate here is dry that my skin needs extra love and attention to stay hydrated.

1. Vichy Pureté Thermale 3-in-1 One Step Cleanser for sensitive skin  200ml  SRP $14.99 at my local London Drugs

This 3-in-1 formula is a Cleansing Milk, Toner, an Eye Makeup remover. It is a light, milky lotion in an “easy to dispense in the right amount” tube.

First – I have tried many products that state “for sensitive skin/eyes” and when I have tried them as an eye makeup remover they burn my eyes or leave them feeling sensitive to light after use. Not the case with this clenaser! I was so very pleased at how well it worked to remove eye makeup (on soft cotton pad or suds up with water). I definitely give it a resounding TWO THUMBS UP as an eye makeup remover.

As a cleanser, I found it effective in removing makeup, although I don’t wear full coverage foundation in the summer; usually beauty balm or a water based makeup. It suds up nicely and product card said it did not need to be rinsed off after use, but I couldn’t figure out how to leave all the creamy suds on my face on continue my routine. I was not easy to rinse off without the use of a damp facecloth, so I would recommend that as part of the final rinse process.  I did love the way it left my face feeling; not dried out from cleansing, but hydrated and soft and silky.

This cleanser does have a very strong scent that may not be for everyone. Usually a strong scent is an immediate negative for me – but oddly I like the scent of this. It reminds me of a fragrance from my teenage years, something Love’s Baby soft like with a touch of laundry detergent and clean fresh linen.

2. Vichy Neovadiol Magistral Elixir 30ml SRP $59.oo at London Drugs

This product has a dropper with pushtop, making it very easy to control the amount dispensed, which I love.

It is listed as regenerating concentrate with nourishing oils (10% omega3-6-9+y-oryzanol). It promises to smooth and replump skin, restore radiance and feel comfortable.

During the aging process, a decline in hormone production causes skin to lose up to 57% of its essential lipids, which play a vital role in maintaining skin elasticity and suppleness. This lipid loss can result in facial sagging, deepening of wrinkles and loss of definition. Neovadiol Elixir helps replenish essential lipids lost with age, leaving skin nourished, glowing and visibly re-plumped.

The product packaging suggests it can be used in three different ways: as a revitalizing serum, mixed with a moisturizer it becomes a soothing balm, or by increasing the amount of drops used as a replumping hydrating mask. I used it as a serum in my testing.

I love the luxe look of the packaging – the oil glistens and sparkles in the bottle, and dispensing dropper makes it so very easy and foolproof to use.

It is touted as a dry touch oil – which it is. It is a very fine oil and absorbs and dries on the skin very quickly leaving more of a silky silicone feeling than an oily feeling. It is not sticky or greasy. It leaves my skin with a truly radiant youthful looking glow.I apply it in the morning and wear under makeup, and also use it in the evening before night cream routine. I have found I love the “radiant glow’ it provides so much I have even worn it alone before a quick trip out to the grocery store on a natural look day. It just really leaves my skin feeling so silky and soft.

The only negative – if it weren’t for the strong perfumy scent I would be head over heels in love with this product. It unfortunately has a strong floral scent that lingers at least 10 minutes before dispersing. I prefer skincare to have a fresh citrus scent or herbal earthy scent – just my personal preference.

Overall however – yes this is a product I have fallen in love with and already have repurchased during Vichy’s “Buy 2, get the 3rd free” event last weekend.

3. Vichy Neovadiol Magistral Day Cream 50ml SRP $56.00 at London Drugs

This rich thick cream promises to fight against nutrition and comfort of the skin as well as its accentuated loss of skin density and structure. It is enriched with a trio of oils (safflower seed oil, rice bran oil and shea butter)- With Pro-Xylane and Proteic Gf, and with soothing and softening Vichy Thermal Spa Water. Paraben-free.

While this cream still has a floral scent it is softer than the elixir; almost softened with a clean fresh scent to balance it out.

This cream felt more like a balm after application; it left my skin feeling supple, smooth and prepped for makeup similar to a primer. It absorbed quickly and a little goes a long way. I like that a small application spatula was provided – nice touch – to keep fingers and contamination out of the jar.

I used the cream for a few weeks as both a day cream AND night cream, to fully get a sense of effectiveness. I do love it and found it left my skin feeling and looking more plump,  hydrated, and youthful. I love it so much I have already repurchased, also picking up the Neovadiol Night Cream to try out.

Overall thoughts – all three products are 2 thumbs up 5 Star products that I will continue to use in my daily routine.

Thanks, Chickadvisor, for introducing me to some new holy grail skin care products and all for FREE   #gotitfree #VichyWorksForMe #chickadvisor

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